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We are excited to announce the 7th annual Eilat-Eilot Renewable and Clean Energy Conference!

Our leading global event will outline the strategy for moving forward the RE-revolution as well as dealing with the opportunities and challenges facing the global Cleantech industry


Conference topics include:


  • Eilat Eilot as a Smart Solar Region
  • Solar Energy & Off-Grid as Catalyst for Energy Security
  • Science Fiction or Reality Demands – The Secret behind Micro Grids
  • PV in Israel – Stepping into a Massive Era
  • Energy Efficiency – Innovation and Implementation
  • Integration of Renewable Energy into the Grid
  • Smart Transportation as part of Smart City
  • Energy Storage – Will li-ion Batteries be the New PV?
  • The Efficiency of Pump Storage
  • Off-Grid as a Solution for Infrastructure in the Developing World
  • Sun Industry – Marine Agriculture and Algae

We hope to see you in November!

Invited Speakers

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